Monday, 3 June 2013

Passage of The Week : Part 2 Epsilon

Chronicles of Astoria Part II Epsilon-page 61, Pepsy and Ariana explore the ship:

"I don’t know what happened, one minute it was in the vial.. The next it chased me across the room and now it’s on my arm" Pepsy stated. Ariana had now joined her in their fascination of the mysterious new discovery.
"Lets test it on something, hold on, here let’s try burning it" Ariana's excitement was plain to see. Pepsy looked unimpressed as she stood there before her looking at the blow torch that Ariana had found on the other workbench and was now ready to use on her.

"Do you really think I am going to let you burn my arm?" 
"No not your arm, just that piece, your armour will protect you anyway" Ariana replied, her excitement growing every second. Pepsy’s curiosity too had grown and she eventually nodded her approval. 
Ariana moved in and, turning on the torch, applied the searing white cone of the burner to the silver surface of Pepsys vambrace. Under the intense heat Pepsy should have expected to feel her arm getting warmer underneath but surprisingly she felt nothing. As Ariana pulled back the torch they both looked on and observed the scorch mark that was left upon its shiny surface from where the white hot tip of the flame has been applied. They then both observed the mark vanish before their very eyes and the gleaming silver remained unblemished and brand new.

"Wow" Ariana exclaimed and once again she fell completely silent. Pepsy turned and walked to the door of the room, her every step was slow and careful, lost in thought from the events previously. Out in the main lab she then turned and hurried about, scurrying her way around the lab in search of something that Ariana could not understand. She stood at the doorway of the 'amorphous alloys' lab watching the red angel frantically throwing and clearing the debris from the tops of the lab tables, her eyes darting left and right until she paused and picked something up. Turning quickly she made her way back over to Ariana.
"I want you to hit me with this?" Pepsy said as she produced a solid steel mallet from her hand. 
"You want me to hit you with that?" this time it was Ariana with the reluctance to the plans idea.
"Hit you where?" she asked. Pepsy rolled her eyes at her friends’ lack of savvy.
"On the toe silly, WHERE DO YOU THINK?"


Peace & Love 

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