Saturday, 31 August 2013

Filming is Now Complete

Its been an exciting few weeks getting the reading and video work completed for 'Crystal' the prequel short story. I can now proudly say that stage one is complete ahead of schedule and we now go to editing! 

From here we now have to add in some special effects, flashing imagery and basic animations so that you guys can really delve into the story and enjoy yourselves. This process has been very exciting for me and as we get closer to the end I really believe I am just as excited as you guys are. 

The final stage is the music as it can definitely helps portray emotional significance. We all have favourite songs that ignite past emotions and memories, we have songs that simply turn us off and there are sections of music that can bring a tear to someone who had been elated only a few minutes prior to hearing the piece. 

Because this final hurdle has such huge implications for Crystal I am sending our finished work to a lovely woman who lives up north. She's been an absolute superstar and I am so thankful for her services as she shall be writing the music to match the tone and mood of the story.  

I will keep you updated with progress but if all goes to plan then it should appear on YouTube as soon as it's passed my high standards. I do it all for you guys. Which songs or music pieces touch a cord with you?
Peace & Love 
* M.R Shields *