Monday, 28 January 2013

My First Book Signing

So I stand there in my living room, my newly published book gleaming in my hands, a grin across my face so wide, that it looks like I have attempted to eat a Cadbury's chocolate bar whole, and I am not talking about the standard bar either!
I get a message from my good friend requesting that I drop her a copy of my book. I take a look out the window and see that the snow is falling dangerously heavy, the roads look treacherous, and most of all, I haven’t gelled my hair. After much persuasion (well a whole seven seconds discussion with my inner monologue) I decide that this friend could very well be my first and only fan, snow or no snow, gel or no gel I would have to risk it. So off I went.
It would be fair to say that I try to keep physically fit, although with each laboured step I take, hauling my feet through snow as thick is treacle, I soon realise just the predicament I had got myself into. Nevertheless I persevere onwards, dragging myself through the blizzard. Cars pass me on the main road, spraying slush and ice like a tsunami against my face, freezing my little nose in the process and yet still I battle on. My legs quickly felt heavy, my muscles were pumping so hard that it was no longer possible to determine whether it was the snow, or sweat that had them soaked to the bone. My thoughts drift to the great Robert Peary and his journey to the north pole in the April of 1909, although I am not sure that my brown, suede, large Next jacket would compare to their snow specific thermals that I am sure they adorned back then, almost immediately I concluded that I had it worse than they did.
The miles felt like marathons, and when I finally reached my friends vehicle, I had no fight left in my weary bones. Doing something less than manly, I am pretty sure I fainted.
When I awoke, I found myself in this beautifully warm room. Within seconds of my arousal, a glass of the finest champagne was placed into my hand and I was being embraced and celebrated by all around me. My eyes darted around the room, the bright colours were dazzling but I could make out a family of happy, welcome faces that were greeting me with the finest hospitality. On the main kitchen bunker, there were thick cut, tender fillet steaks sitting there, looking succulent and divine and just waiting to be placed onto the grill. There were candles lit on the table and more glasses filled with delicious looking wine. I could hear the snaps of camera shutters, multiple sounds from multiple devices, all pointing at me.
A voice spoke softly to me, a familiar and very friendly voice. “Will you sign my book?” she asked. I take the pen in my hand and begin to write. What I scribbled remains a mystery to me even now, but she seemed happy with the outcome. I stood back up and I felt her hand at my back, I lifted my weary eyes and once more found myself in the firing line of another photo opportunity. I smile, not because I was asked to smile, but because I was so happy at where I had found myself. The flash hits my eyes and I am momentarily dazzled, the glare fills my vision and I half expect to wake up somewhere cold, outside and in the snow. As the glare fades I smile once more, I am exactly where I really WASNT  a dream!

Peace & Love 

* M.R Shields *

Friday, 25 January 2013

Chronicles of Astoria Now Available To Buy!

The new book is finished! I am so proud to have achieved this stage as I didn't think I would make it at certain points in the journey. Part I, Delta is available on Amazon now and I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to those who have already purchased my book. 

I appreciate each and every sale not for the monetary amount but because it warms my heart to know that you also will get to delve into Astoria like I have, I love that I get to share my vision with you and I hope you enjoy it. 
In the distant future, the world has been ravaged and reduced to a single inhabitable area... Astoria. 

A grand and beautiful city, its occupants righteous and peaceful, the Astorian’s are governed and protected by the Angels, a group of supernatural humans that possess powerful gifts and skills. 

Chance is Astoria’s favourite Angel, loved by all and an enemy to none. Fun, witty and most of all competitive she quickly finds herself in a game she can’t possibly win. The price of such a loss is banishment from the city along with the loss of her memory. 

With Chance out of the way and the rest of the Angels cast out on meaningless errands, the city falls into chaos Can her trusting protector Raphael help find her memory before a dark plot is fulfilled that will endanger the lives of the remaining population of the world
 You can find Part I, Delta here on Amazon or you can contact my PR on to purchase your copy out with Amazon. 

Peace & Love 

* M.R Shields *