Friday, 25 January 2013

Chronicles of Astoria Now Available To Buy!

The new book is finished! I am so proud to have achieved this stage as I didn't think I would make it at certain points in the journey. Part I, Delta is available on Amazon now and I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to those who have already purchased my book. 

I appreciate each and every sale not for the monetary amount but because it warms my heart to know that you also will get to delve into Astoria like I have, I love that I get to share my vision with you and I hope you enjoy it. 
In the distant future, the world has been ravaged and reduced to a single inhabitable area... Astoria. 

A grand and beautiful city, its occupants righteous and peaceful, the Astorian’s are governed and protected by the Angels, a group of supernatural humans that possess powerful gifts and skills. 

Chance is Astoria’s favourite Angel, loved by all and an enemy to none. Fun, witty and most of all competitive she quickly finds herself in a game she can’t possibly win. The price of such a loss is banishment from the city along with the loss of her memory. 

With Chance out of the way and the rest of the Angels cast out on meaningless errands, the city falls into chaos Can her trusting protector Raphael help find her memory before a dark plot is fulfilled that will endanger the lives of the remaining population of the world
 You can find Part I, Delta here on Amazon or you can contact my PR on to purchase your copy out with Amazon. 

Peace & Love 

* M.R Shields *

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