Thursday, 30 May 2013

Now Released! - Chronicles of Astoria, Part II Epsilon

Five months after the release of Part I, I can  proudly say that Part II is NOW available on paperback and Kindle from Amazon.

I loved writing part two because there's so much action. Also, so many of the stories that were left unexplained or unanswered will now be brought to light - It's exciting stuff I promise you that. 
The story itself takes place three months after part one and continues each sub-story accordingly. My advice to anyone that has completed part one is to re-read it as it will make part two even clearer. Re-reading part one will definitely be worth your time and will only add to your enjoyment - especially if you love fast moving action. 

On its own this part stands strong. It has action right from the start and the sub-story details the trials that an aspirant must go through to become an Angel, and earn their prestigious armour. It's a case of the classic good versus evil theme; along with various other themes such as ' a hero that falls' and also an enemy that repents.

I cant wait for my copy to arrive. I like to detach myself from the fact that I've spent so many waking moments building on each of the characters personalities, working out the plot twists and really delving into the story. For me receiving the physical books enables me to read the story as if I wasn't the actual author and that in itself is a moment of pure bliss.Even though I've written the story I do feel that the characters take on additional personality traits and evolve into something I never quite imagined they would become. 

You can pick up Part II from Amazon here, do let me know your thoughts, likes and dislikes. 

Peace & Love 

* M.R Shields *

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