Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Book-Vent Advent Day Four

December 4th 

Our fourth advent kicks off with Mater's Tall Tales behind door number four. Mater's the dizzy hill billy best friend of Disney Car's leading superstar - Lightning McQueen. 

It's a PR team kids favourite, if you're child loves Disney's Cars movie then I urge you to purchase this book or tune into the Mater's Tall Tales shorts over on the Disney Channel on Sky. So what's the difference between Disney Cars and Mater's Tall Tales? The difference is pretty drastic, Mater takes centre stage with Lightning being his accomplice. 

As a child you may have been told to stop telling 'tall tales' these stories are based on Mater's tall tales or made up scenarios. Mater likes to tell everyone stories of times he did a variety of things such as when he was a fire-truck and saved Lightening, when he was a matador and won and also when he was a superstar jumping cars and breaking records. Of course Lightning tells Mater 'It didn't happen' 

But did it happen? Is it that Lightning can't remember being apart of these scenarios or is Mater lying through his teeth? Usually at the end there's something that makes Lightning doubt that it didn't happen leaving him utterly confused. 

The stories are short but are hilarious and as a parent they're a joy to read to my son. He laughs every time Mater does something (especially when he 'jumps' the cars) which results in me laughing at his laugh - it's enough to cure any amount of stress I can promise you that. Also because the books colouring and easy to follow children of all ages will get use of it. 

You can purchase this book over on Amazon here. It's currently £4.92 including delivery and would make an excellent stocking filler for boys or girls. 

Peace & Love 

* The COA Team *

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