Monday, 11 February 2013

Kelly's New Home

There is nothing quite like hitting the open road on a bright, fresh and sunny Sunday morning!

With my go-kart loaded with some of her belongings, her favourite teddy bear safely strapped into the front seat (safety is paramount in my experience) I head off from the cottage, en-route to a little place called Tynuilt, to help construct Kelly’s new flat into something more homely.

I get off to a good start, the roads are fairly clear and I have the top gun album blaring at the top of my standard speaker’s lungs! had it been a warmer morning, I may have risked my reputation by rolling down the window (yes rolling, my go-kart doesn’t not have such futuristic contraptions such as electric windows) and allowing the 80's tune to deafen the animals that I passed by, as it was, I kept the window tightly shut, my mouth on the other hand was yelling myself deeper into the danger zone!! Hell I could have made it onto X-factor but I really don’t have the ankles for it.

Perhaps an hour into my journey, the inevitable happened. Yes, you guessed it; I was overtaken by another vehicle. Now you may think, "big deal happens all the time" well perhaps it does, but to be overtaken by a Citroen C1 is just embarrassing. I could see it approaching from a good couple of hundred yards back, powering its way forward with its little French engine. I push the pedal to the floor of my little go-kart, willing it to go faster and growl like the tiger I need it to be, instead it sounds like a hoarse lawn mower, coughing its way further forward. Within a few seconds it’s upon me, and my first instinct is to naturally hide my face, save what little dignity I have left and pray this little red demon passes me quickly. Time slows down and I feel my cheeks go red with the situation. From the corner of my eye, this little red contraption begins to soar past me, thundering onwards with blistering speed and cutting back into the lane in front of me and taking off further down the road like a gazelle on steroids. The next moment happened so quickly.

From my angry, out-powered eagle eyes, I focus in on his hazard lights....THEY FLASH TWICE!!

‘HOW DARE HE!’ I said to the bear at my side, he thinks I let him past; my foot is still to the floor!!!! The red spectre from the depths of hell itself had not only humiliated me in front of the bear, but then poured salt on the wound with his flashy display!

Now you may think I would want to make this story have a happy ending, that perhaps I would pass this highly tuned, top spec race car further up the road only to see it parked in the lay-by with a couple of punctures... sadly there is no such justice for me in this world, I never set eyes on that record breaker again.

All thoughts of this tragedy were soothed away as I eventually arrived at my destination in Tynuilt. The view was absolutely stunning, with the mountains on my right, their peaks covered in snow and standing there, defiant against the landscape.

The beautiful Scottish moorland spreading all the way down to the water and a cool, brisk breeze flowing through the air, it all made me proud to be Scottish; the bear seemed to smile too!

below is a picture of the car... That's a Citroen C1 right?

Peace & Love 

* M.R Shields *

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