Monday, 25 February 2013

Two Fluffy White Helpers

Living by yourself can be tough, more-so because it means there is only one person available to do the gardening which is an absolute CHORE. A chore that I loathe more than any other household task.

I wont lie, I tend to leave my grass until it becomes as long as a jungle. Not because I feel the need to get in touch with my native side, but purely because I can be fairly lazy when it comes to chopping it. It actually fascinates me just how quickly it can grow - It fascinates AND irritates me all at the same time. So you can imagine the smile on my face when I pull up the road to my farm track to find two white fluffy helpers chomping away on my jungle.

As my car startles them and they turn to flee I yell "Hey don't go, there is more work for you around the back!!! stay until the job is done!!"

Sometimes these little surprises actually brighten up my day. I never thought that I'd be smiling and posting about two fluffy white sheep this morning but as I've gotten older I've definitely learnt to appreciate the small things that come into our lives. I think it's this appreciation that keeps life exciting and also keeps me sane while trying to write my Chronicles of Astoria series. 

So what's the overall point of this post I hear you thinking, I suppose I just wanted to share this insight and possibly make you aware that the small things are good - positive even. Appreciate them and I bet you will start to notice more positive things coming into your life too. 

Peace & Love

* M.R Shields *

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  1. Haha loved this post! get a moo-cow for your back garden. Free labour and milk! x


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