Saturday, 14 December 2013

Book-Vent Days Seven, Eight & Nine

Days Seven - Nine

On the seventh, eighth and ninth days of Christmas our true love gave us... Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins. 

Chances are you've heard of these books, read these books or watched the first movie. With a mixture of opinions this trilogy has been pretty hit or miss in some cases. Personally the stories and concepts are well thought out, show emotion in a pretty heartless situation but they're not captivating enough for me to go back and re-read them. 
  • The first book in the series is called Hunger Games, this book was released back in 2008. 

It become popular incredibly fast. I think after the Twilight movement this was a breath of fresh air, a concept similar in that it tells the story of young love in an unusual situation but there are no vampires or werewolves. The main character is a young lady called Katniss Everdeen who gives herself up as a tribute in place of her younger sister in the annual Hunger Games. 

The games consist of at least one girl and one boy from each of the twelve districts of Panem. The aim of the games is to fight to the death, the person who wins of course is rewarded as are their district. The games themselves are vicious, scary even but throughout this battle for survival Katniss finds love... or does she? 
  • The second novel is called Catching Fire and this was released in 2009. 

After Katniss and Peeta won the Hunger Games they return back to their districts as champions, champions who have spread hope among the districts. Although they won the evil President Snow isn't falling for their love and demands that they convince all of the districts and most importantly him that their love is genuine and true. If they can't then there will be major consequences for both themselves and their district. 

During their tour of all districts they try to prove that they're love is true. Peeta asks Katniss to be his wife and marry him but this isn't enough for the President. District 11 start an uprising and the Quarter Quell which is the 75th anniversary draws Katniss once again into the scary world of the arena and the games. Will she survive?
  • The third and final novel in the trilogy is Mockinjay, this was released in 2010. 

Katniss does in fact escape the Quarter Quell arena and decides to take up her role in the uprising at District 13 as the Mockinjay. Peeta at this point has been kidnapped by the Capitol (where the President and those who arrange the games stay), tortured for information on the rebels Peeta doesn't give up any information - he doesn't have any for a start.  

The rebels break in to free Peeta and a girl called Annie from President Snow's mansion. Katniss is incredibly happy to see Peeta but are the feelings mutual? 

As a trilogy I recommend giving it a read, to get the full effect of what the author's trying to show you will need to read all three books. They can be purchased at all good book shops and also Amazon of course. Hunger Games costs £3.85 here, Catching Fire costs £3.85 here and Mockinjay costs £3.85 here. These prices include p&p - fab bargain huh. 

Have you read any of the novels? what are your thoughts on this series? 

Peace & Love 

* M.R Shields *

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