Saturday, 14 December 2013

Top Ten Book Gifts For Christmas

Books are amazing, they draw us into worlds that could only imagine in our minds. They help us get through difficult situation, house photo's of our greatest and happiest memories and store our secrets, addresses and notes. 

Books have been around since the beginning of mankind (well kind of) and I hope they stay around until the end of time. The Kindle's becoming more popular with each passing year but for me you just can't replace the smell of a book, the feel of the pages and the covers and the images that a physical book holds. I have so many fond memories of book shops and libraries - spending hours in silence perusing pages of dinosaurs, castles and far flung countries. As a child I did indeed spent a lot of time creating cartoons, writing short stories and making my own magazines - they weren't very good but I had fun making them. 

I never thought way back then that I would have my own published novels, I also never believed that books would be used for anything other than reading, noting and writing information and stories. I know there's a lot of book worms and lovers of vintage books that I just had to create this top ten, Christmas book gift list for you guys. 

Here's the run down...

What do you think, I absolutely love the book sculptures. Not only are those books being given a new purpose but the time taken to painstakingly fold each page so it creates this wonderful 3D sculpture blows my mind. 

Most of these items are personalised or customisable and come from one of my favourite gift stores called Not On The High Street. I shop there a lot and find the service is simply incredible. You can also go through Quidco to get cashback from your purchases over on NOTHS

You can still shop over on the site for your presents if you're looking for last minute gifts, there's not long though so best be quick. 

Peace & Love 

* M.R Shields *

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