Wednesday, 26 February 2014

1987 Robocop Behind The Scenes PT 2 / Dead Or Alive, You're Coming With Me

I will have to admit that I have yet to make it to the cinema to check out the remake of this movie. Part of me is still living in the past and loving the fond nostalgic moments brought on by the stop-motion special effects and the cheesy miming  from the original and yet, another part of me wants to see the improvements of technology and their impact on one of my favourite classic movies.If there is an improvement to be made, perhaps the original movie worked so well because of its time? Released during an age where the people needed heroes with bad ass one-liners while they distributed brutal retribution on the bad guys. 

I guess I will just need to stop procrastinating about it and go find out for myself. In the meantime I will discuss the special effects of the original and a little about the support actress Nancy Allen (who played officer Anne Lewis, Robo's partner)

At the time of casting Nancy Allen had beautifully long blonde curls and was very much a screen beauty having not long come off the set of Carrie. When Paul Verhoeven saw her he immediately told her to cut the locks, giving her a more hardened appearance for the feminine role. At the time, strong female characters were big in Hollywood with Sigourney Weaver playing the lead in 'Alien' were a horrifying xenomorph wipes out the crew of her ship and she has to deal with the murdering menace own her own - which she does with ease.

Linda Hamilton had also made the transition from coffee shop sweetheart-fugitive-hunted by an unstoppable cyborg in the 'Terminator' eventually hardening up to give her awesome finishing line  "You're terminated f$cker"

Both images were from their respected sequel movies but, I thought they both looked pretty bad ass, don't you think?

Needless to say, Nancy had to really pull out the stops to match the beat down feminine heroics of the other movies. A task she performed brilliantly with her bubble gum, chewing kick-ass (literally with her karate kicks) performance coupled with a brilliant line late on in the movie - right after she had been badly wounded! but she still managing to crawl to the assault rail gun and save the day. 

"Murphy.. I'm a mess" classic!

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