Monday, 17 November 2014

The Nancy Cat

What do a Secret Agent, a Cat and the Fate of the World have in common?
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Quite a random combination but all will be revealed in the childrens novel "The Nancy cat" by author M R Shields.
It is the second childrens novel that he has released this year and this particular story follows 'Agent Rose' in his quest to prevent the evil 'T.H.O.R.N' organisation from taking over the world.

The story is 140 pages long and contains  excellant images from illustrator 'Martin Paterson' who has really come into his own for this novel.

To say this is a true story would not be entirely inaccurate. M R Shields met Nancy the cat while on his day job duties and the story grew from there. Nancy is indeed a small house-cat that can open doors by hurling herself at the handles. She fetches cotton buds, chases laser pens and has quite the talent for catching mice on the rare occasions she is let out into the wild, although these days she is mostly kept inside as her record of 4 live mice returned within an hour did not go down well with her owner (portrayed in the story as 'Mrs Rose')

The main character in the story is called 'Agent/Mr Rose' and his secret agent status he keeps well hidden from his wife. He has all the high tech gadgets you'd expect from a secret agent, a talking watch, spring-loaded heels and a lab full of technicians that are constantly designing the latest gear required for the job.

 Nancys owner's husband(thats the cousin of the gardeners next door neighbour's dog walker) or to keep it simple, the person 'Agent Rose' was based upon is indeed lean, tall and athletic. He regularly wears a suit, has allergys to Nancy and M R Shields is convinced that he is indeed a secret agent although it has never been confirmed. He travels a lot and could quite easily be completing secret missions for the 'F.L.O.W.E.R' corporation.

The reading age for the book is approximately 8 years of age although the content is suitable for all.

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